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Tour Info

Plenary Chamber

Tour Info

  • Visitors can enjoy a tour of the Plenary Chamber (the visitors' gallery).
  • A guided tour is provided for the facilities of the Plenary Chamber.


National Assembly - Speaker's Seat, Assembly Identity, Stenographers's Seat, Assembly Member's Seat, the visitors' gallery, Exhibition Gallery(4th floor), the Plenary Chamber, Central Hall

National Assembly - Speaker's Seat, Assembly Identity, Stenographers's Seat, Assembly Member's Seat, the visitors' gallery, Exhibition Gallery(4th floor), the Plenary Chamber, Central Hall

  • Assembly Identity Assembly Identity The emblem, displayed on the flag of the National Assembly and the lapel pins worn by members, features the Rose of Sharon with the Korean word for “National Assembly” in the center.
  • Speaker’s Seat Speaker’s Seat The speaker presides over sessions from the Speaker’s Seat.
  • Assembly Member’s Podium Assembly Member’s Podium An assembly member speaks officially after being granted recognition from the speaker.
  • Stenographers’ Seat Stenographers’ Seat Stenographers take turns in five-minute increments transcribing the proceedings of a plenary session.
  • Assembly Member’s Seat Assembly Member’s Seat Individual seats are equipped with an electronic monitor, electronic nameplate, and button-type voting device
  • State Council Members’ Seat State Council Members’ Seat The Prime Minister and State Council members answer questions during Question Time.
  • Electronic Boards Electronic Boards Various meeting-related information such as voting results are displayed on the boards.
  • Polling Station Polling Station Assembly members mark their ballot papers during non-electronic voting.

Tour Hours

Weekdays : 10:00, 11:00, 14:00, 15:00, 16:00, 17:00(6 slots in total) Up to 150 persons per tour
Saturdays : 10:00, 11:00, 12:00(3 slots in total)

※ Closed on: National holidays, Sundays, Workers’ Day (May 1), National Assembly Inauguration Day (May 31)

Tour Reservation

  • You can book a tour for groups of up to 50 people.
  • Reservations can be made online only through our integrated reservation website.
    ※ Reservations cannot be accepted by phone, e-mail, or fax.
  • Reservations can be made up to 90 days in advance (same-day reservations are not accepted).
    ※ e.g., If you want to visit on July 19, reservations can be made between April 20 and July 18.
  • Reservations can be cancelled up to 1 day in advance (same-day cancellation are not accepted).
    ※ If you do not show up for the tour and fail to cancel your reservation, you will be banned from booking the program for 1 year from the booked date.
  • You can make reservations only once a month (12 times a year)

Please note

  • All visitors must present their ID at the time of their visit. Please arrive at the reception area (inside the rear entrance of the Main Building) 10 minutes prior to the scheduled start time and follow the instructions given by the staff.
  • You may not be allowed to join the tour once the Plenary Chamber tour starts (latecomers who are more than 5 minutes late are not allowed to enter the building).
  • In principle, visitors should use the stairs during the tour. However, older adults (aged 65 or older) with difficulty climbing stairs, the disabled (documentation submission required), pregnant women, and preschoolers and their guardian (one per preschooler) are allowed to use the elevator upon request.
  • Tourists and ordinary visitors are not allowed to park in the National Assembly complex and are asked to park at the Han Riverside Parking Lot.
    ※ For group tour buses, please use Gates 3 and 6 of the National Assembly complex.
  • Tours may be restricted if necessary for building security and public order in the National Assembly complex (Article 8 (2) of the Bylaws on National Assembly Tours).

Acceptable ID

Acceptable ID
Category Types
ID Card Adults Passport, resident registration card, driver's license (including international driver's license), disability registration card, residence card, flight attendant registration card, domestic residence report, seaman's notebook, national technical qualification certificate, public official ID card, national honoree card, national honoree family card, national veteran registration certificate, driving career certificate, application to request information on a resident register, etc.
Aged less than 19 Household resident register/abstract, certificate of family relations, national health insurance card, student ID, enrollment certificate, youth card
Digital ID Common Government 24 (electronic document wallet), mobile driver's license, mobile civil service card
※ A phone photo of your ID is acceptable


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